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  • Back pain relief exercises.
  • Back injury treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Herniated disc exercises.

The Story

It all started with the construction accident and was, frankly, 100% my fault. At that time I was quite a martial artist, I was in an exellent shape and had - or so I believed - no reasons to worry about physical danders. Well, I was wrong.

In less than two seconds it all changed, I got couple of disk ruptures and a fracture in a knee meniscus. Sports? Forget about it. As my doctor said, "from now on, you should be very careful even when tying shoelaces". And he meant it.

Lucky me, I didn't listen.

There are seven billions people on the face of this planet, I thought. Sure enough some of them have faced the same problem, right? Also undoubtedly, some of them failed defeating the problem; but what if someone succeeded? All I have to do is to find a role model...

The Hero

As it happened, I have found not one but few people whose initial condition was way worse than mine (after all I still could walk). Here is one of them, meet Valentine Dikul.

The guy lived in Russia and his choice of career was acrobatics. He worked in a circus, until one day an accident happened. A compression fracture of the vertebrae meant his legs were paralyzed, and the verdict according to official medicine was absolutely clear: he was supposed to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. However he have chosen to fight.

Here is the same guy some time later.

As you can see, he still works in a circus, this time as a power lifter. A weihgt he is holding is 80 kilograms.

A compression fracture of a vertebrae? A paralysis?

This is the most profound example, but I was able to find more. Every time the story is the same: a person performs a research, comes up with a set of exercises and does it, dedicated. I am not saying it is a cure, but it certainly is a chance...

The Solution

Leaving aside the heroic thing, there are people with back problems, from minor inconvenience to the degree when they can barely move. Or maybe, can not move at all. Often, the reason they do not fight back is a doctor's "take it easy" or even "it's over", and often the doctor is wrong.

At the beginning, I needed up to two minutes to get up from the bed. I had to find the right position, to push a bit, to find the right position again, and so on. After some three years, I am doing my martial arts again. My knee still is pain in the, well, knee; however Chi Gun helps with knee pain, mostly by making sure you move properly, but still. And the back is in a much better shape thanks to the exercises I got from thousand different sources.

On this site you will find a selection of what I consider safe and efficient exercises. This is a universal set, of course you can tune it to your particular condition.

It helped me, period. I hope you will find it useful as well.

Back pain relief exercises: online tutorial

Back injury treatment and rehabilitation, herniated disc exercises Back problems: online tutorial

  • Exercises that will help you to stretch and to some degree to fortify the muscles and ligaments of your back. Technically, this set of exercises, if performed daily, should be able to solve most of the problems people have with their back

  • Anybody, who does not have enough exercises for their back, or have back pain, should consider this exercises (provided, their doctor approved it).

  • In this booklet, you will find illustrated descriptions of the exercises that are used to bring to more or less "normal" life people with problems in the area of the backbone. Disc raptures, osteochondrosis and so on. You will notice, that the exercises are designed in such way, that the back is always supported by the surface (the floor). It is a very "gentle" set of exercises.

Cardiovascular Workout for People with Back Problems

Cardiovascular Workout for People with Back Problems: online tutorial
Workout and stretching to treat your sore back and to keep you in shape
as well as to build muscles supporting and protecting your back.

  • People need workout not only to stay in shape, they also need it to avoid serous health problems. It is especially important for people with back pain or injuries, as their condition prevents them from doing ANY physical activities. Which eventually creates problems with heart, joints, and also makes back problems worse, as muscles that support vertebrae become weak.

  • It does not have to be that way. We present you a set of exercises that are selected for their safety. With some minimal limitations, they can be performed by people with back problems, including herniated disks, severe cases of osteochondrosis etc., and can be used as a powerful rehabilitation tool.

  • In this booklet, you will find illustrated descriptions of the exercises together with all the necessary "do" and "don't" notes.

Joints exercises

Chi Gun warm up and stretching exercises Joints exercises

  • It does not matter how old you are or how strong : this technique is for you. Because this set of exercises was fine-tuned by centuries. People with problems use it, and sometimes problems go away. Healthy people use it to stay healthy. And Chi Gun and Tai Chi students use it as a stretching and warm up routine.

  • The power of Chinese (this set of exercises may look familiar, but it is taken almost without changes from the Chi Gun warm up) philosophy is in its balanced simplicity. You do a simple set of movements, day after day, you don't even break to sweat - and than the changes happen. And of course, if you don't do it - it does not work. Well... no technique is perfect.

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